To EVERYONE in Fenney...We are all watching what is continuing to unfold with the Coronavirus.   As a CLUB, we have decided we will NOT have ANY Social Cub events until it is safe for gatherings.   We will be closely monitoring the situation and will ensure we do everything we can to protect us all.   

Happy New Year !!

Our WEBSITE is a place for ALL in Fenney to obtain general information and to research various activities. It is planned to be a valuable communications tool for us to share with each other in our FENNEY neighborhoods. 

The site is also intended to provide specific information about our "Fenney Friends Social Club" (aka Fenney West) residents only for activities, events, and news. Some pages, including the "Membership Roster", "Resident Forum" are available ONLY to Fenney Friends Social Club Members.   TO JOIN THE Fenney Friends Social Club (FFSC), go to our "West Fenney Friends Social Club" tab, and check out the "Introduction" page and follow instructions for REGISTERING for this website, and for JOINING the Social Club.  

As FENNEY has grown, we have divided (for social club purposes) into 3 distinct sections, each with their own social coordinator.

For Social Parties, Fenney has THREE SECTIONS: WEST, EAST, and SOUTH (click here to view the map):
  • "Fenney Friends" is defined as residents living in the West side (West of the intersection of Cedar Waxwing and Fenney Way). Fenney Friends Social Club is restricted to people living in the WEST: POC is Sherrie A., [email protected].
  • Fenney EAST is the homes EAST of Cedar Waxwing. Please note the "Fenney EAST Residents" link in the menu on the left side of this page for more information.
  • Fenney SOUTH is all the homes SOUTH of Fenney Way. See the "Fenney SOUTH Residents" link in the menu on the left side of this page for more information. You may also contact Lee Ann for more information.
Your point of contact for Social Organization is Dave Thieme. His email is [email protected]

We are all excited to be moving to our new homes, community, and lifestyle here in Central Florida! We all look forward to many enjoyable years together here!

As your website developer, I will look forward to your feedback, updates, and other recommendations for improvements. Please contact me using the form "Contact Webmaster/Sherrie" on the left.