Bunco has been approved at Fenney. Every Thursday at 6:00 doors open games start 6:30 with 4 rounds for $3.00.  Also a 50/50.   

Any questions let me know.
Diane Bryant ([email protected])

Here is information about BUNCO:
Bunco is played by rolling 3 dice. You have 4 people at a table and there are 2 partners. The 2 that rolls the most numbers win the game and move onto the next table. Then change partners and start rolling for the next number. So you start with rolling for number 1 then 2 and so on.
A bunco is rolling all 3 dice with the number you are on. Typically each person pays a set amount upfront and then all that money is given in prizes. Most bunco, most games and least games. 50/50 can be done too as a side game. Hope that helps a little. I’ll be turning in the request to set up to rec center tomorrow. So we should have info out in  newspaper soon.