About Us

Welcome to the Fenney Singles Group! We are a fledgling group here in Fenney. We have at least 100 identified singles living in the Village of Fenney. The GOAL of this club is to facilitate communication and enhance the enjoyment of life for singles that live in Fenney. We hope to provide opportunities for social outings with other singles, such as dinners, drives, day trips, concerts, dances, movies, special events, sports/recreational outings, cultural events, arts, theater, and more.   

This group is NOT intended to be a 'matchmaking' service. It is about finding others who enjoy the things you do. You may find singles or groups of singles who are interested and may enjoy activities as a group or single.  

Here's a visual example: Sherrie wants to go to an upcoming concert (let's say in December). I will send a good description of that event (date, location, price, who can drive, meal involved, or whatever) and then hopefully get some others interested in that activity/event. Away you go!! Whoever wanted initially to go to the event (i.e. Sherrie) would coordinate with those interested. 

An additional option that I'll provide is that each of you provides a nice background on who you are (professionally, hobbies, interests, etc.) to help make interesting connections with others. This will be YOUR option.  

We hope singles will be interested in joining in with other singles to provide for some enjoyable experiences with each other! This group is ALL about getting together with others who share your interest(s) in events, day trips, outdoor outings (i.e. kayak/canoe, hiking, biking), concerts, dining out, sporting events, and more! It is NOT a “matchmaking” or “dating” effort. The hope is that you’ll enjoy outings with other singles and develop lasting memories and friendships! And, as a Floridian, it is my hope you will also start enjoying all the wonderful things Florida has to offer!

We are currently over 84 actively engaged singles. In Fenney we have many who live alone for a variety of reasons, including just enjoy living alone, separated, divorced, and widowed. Our goal is to ensure we can enjoy company and events with others who share our interests.  

The only requirement is that you live in FENNEY, are interested in meeting and enjoying activities with other singles, and have FUN!